The Majority Illusion in Social Networks
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structure of the underlying social network can dramatically skew an individual's local observations, making a behavior appear far more common locally than it is globally... "the majority illusion," ... As a result a behavior that is globally rare may be systematically overrepresented in the local neighborhoods ... facilitate the spread of social c…

Networks and the Nature of the Firm
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networks trump traditional forms of corporate organization, and ... changing traditional ways of managing that organization... If the (transaction) costs of exchanging value in the society at large go down drastically ... The core firm should now be small and agile, with a large network. The mainstream firm... becomes the more expensive alterna…

Network anatomy of the EU online public sphere

The above image is from Drake Baer's FastCompany article "Why Successful People Have So Many Groups Of Friends", which is all about networking for career success, something I've never done and am very unlikely to start.

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