Prebunking interventions based on the psychological theory of "inoculation" can reduce susceptibility to misinformation across cultures. | HKS Misinformation Review
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online “fake news” game, Bad News, can confer psychological resistance against common online misinformation strategies across different cultures... “prebunking,” ... can help cultivate “mental antibodies” against fake news... players “walk a mile” in the shoes of a fake news creator... significant and meaningful reductions in the perceived reliab…

COVID-19 ushers in the era of 'data simulation'
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Rather than being limited to policy wonks and first responders, simulations ... a critical way for individuals to understand complex concepts and examine the impact of their decisions... more than just inform ... help users build empathy for others..."Why Outbreaks like Coronavirus Spread Exponentially.” ... helped Americans understand how im…

Opinion | Trump Is Staking Out His Own Universe of ‘Alternative Facts’ - The New York Times
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In less than a year... weekly church-attending white Protestants convinced that Donald Trump was anointed by God to be president grew from 29.6 percent to 49.5 percent... Capitalizing on that devotion is integral to Trump’s re-election ...all-enveloping digital campaign website... campaign app... a self-contained, self-reinforcing arena where Trum…

Games and the Design of Optimal Human Experience
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Games are optimal forms of human experience... Raph Koster’s A Theory of Fun for Game Design.... is a fascinating exploration into human nature, evolutionary theory, and the design of optimal human experience... argues that fun is the experience of developing mastery... learning cannot be anything but fun... ... The best games are fun because the…

How we used gamification to conduct audience research.
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How do we convert users playing the game into users who would complete the survey?... take our readers on a visual journey around the world so they could explore where a news story happened. As a payoff, for every correct answer, the user would collect a stamp in their virtual passport... opted to follow an interesting take on the minimal viable p…

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons - The New York Times
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pulling psychological levers may eventually become the reigning approach to managing workers...By mastering their workers’ mental circuitry, Uber and the like may be taking the economy back toward a pre-New Deal era when businesses had enormous power over workers and few checks on their ability to exploit it... Some of the most addictive games ...…

Storytelling as a political game (hilarious)

"This interactive project lets you step into the shoes of the president of Azerbaijan and assess how the decisions you make influence your popularity in the country" - President for a day, via

Enterprise Gamification: Playing to Win
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"This paper shares ‘how’ to bring an Enterprise Gamification approach to your organization, building on ‘what’ is Enterprise Gamification, outlined in our earlier paper, ‘Let the games begin: Using game techniques to drive digital transformation’, and demonstrates the tangible benefits of gamification technique to empower employees" - Enterprise …

Making Work As Natural As Play

" What was simply needed was to tweak the ‘rules of the game’ and to incentivize the right people so as to drive the right behaviors. In other words, by turning a predictable work process that had always led to the corresponding predictable sub-optimal outcomes into something fresh that talked to people’s EQ, we managed to make ‘work as natural as…

Gamification 4 education
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Great idea for explaining EU affairs or just wishful thinking? "A new game called Fantasy Geopolitics (think Fantasy Football meets Model United Nations) is radically changing the way high school students in Minnesota are interacting with the news." - How a High School Teacher Is 'Gamifying' World News

Connected Enterprise 2013 - Home

"Constellation's Connected Enterprise is the intimate innovation summit for senior business leaders successfully using disruptive technologies such as social business, cloud computing, mobile enterprise, big data and analytics, gamification, and unified communications/video to drive business value and transform business models."

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