Proof of concept: Excel-managed dynamic knowledge browser
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An interactive knowledge visualisation providing a graphical overview of interrelated online concepts, edited dynamically with an Excel file. Featuring an accessible version driven by the same content.

How should Knowledge for policy evolve?

"Hitting “publish” on this, my first blog post on Knowledge4Policy (K4P), is a special moment for me. I’ve helped create a few online communities for the European Commission (I launched my first in February 2002, so I just missed that particular anniversary), but K4P may be the most important."

Tracking progress with detailed cohesion investment themes

new interactive visualisations to allow stakeholders explore and compare the detailed investment themes ... across the funds, countries and thematic objectives... provide insight starting from the original planned amounts.  The dataset with full details is open and accessible

Fake news | Digital Single Market
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The European Commission is discussing with platforms, news media, research and civil society organisations in order to design solutions to address the spread of fake news. The aim is to define the actors' responsibilities, while respecting the freedom of expression, media pluralism, and the right of citizens to diverse and reliable information.

How GDPR Will Change Content Marketing
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the best gift the publishing industry could hope for... digital advertising technology that will be most frozen by limitations - and that is good news for content makers... collection and processing of the kind of data essential to ad targeting must now be explicitly consented to by readers. Furthermore, consumers will have the right to erase data…

Home | Personalised Medicine Conference 2016 - Research & Innovation - European Commission

The Personalised Medicine Conference 2016 will explore personalised medicine through a research policy lens. Europe is a leader in personalised medicine, an interdisciplinary field which will drive the health research and innovation agenda for years to come in view to improve healthcare. this shouild be really interesting

European Publishers Play Lobbying Role Against Google
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If the rules are approved, Google may eventually have to pay newspaper and magazine groups whenever links to their content are shown ... Similar copyright rules ... have so far backfired ... In Germany, Google removed many local organizations from its news service, which led to a drastic fall in online traffic to some newspapers’ sites. Local publ…

Reshuffling the Brussels Bubble: ‘Nerds, techies and lobbyists’
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"a study published by... transparency NGOs portrays an expert group system dominated by corporate interests and lacking in basic accountability in how members are appointed and who they actually represent ... over 25 percent of the groups it examined are controlled outright by corporate interests ... in 64 percent of the groups, business interests…

Narrative for Europe – Have your say
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As commented on LinkedIn (, a poll with an interesting set of options to choose from: "Do you: a) Love Europe as a state of mind? b) Love Europe as a solution to the challenges we face together? c) Love Europe for its victory over the barriers which o…

Brace For The Corporate Journalism Wave
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"Corporations are tempted to take over journalism with increasingly better contents. ... dangers and hopes for new revenue streams." Interesting figures on the decline in journalists and the rise of PR specialists, cause by 2 trends: "while the journalistic staffing is shrinking dramatically ... the public relation crowd is rising in a spectacul…

EU Trade Policy explained - YouTube
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The EC finally gets on the 'back of the envelope' bandwagon

Digital Agenda: 1st site created on the EC’s new Drupal7 “Multisite” platform
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The first site launched (in 2011-2012) on the EC's Multisite Drupal7 Platform, thus pioneering EC Drupal Platforms in terms of technology, user requirement defitinition and governance.

3 Drupal sites for smart energy (2009-2012)
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Some of the drupal websites my team and I launched for the EC's energy research programmes.

3 Drupal sites for development (2009-2011)
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Migrating and relaunching the ACP Courier magazine website using semantic analysis and launching two community-oriented Programme websites for the ACP Secretariat.

User survey results, SmartCities Stakeholder Platform
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When you want to create a community, asking uses what they need is the best way to start. We launched the 1-page website, with user survey, newsletter signup and social, inside two weeks of winning the project. Everything we developed the following year (2010) was based on the results.

Piloting a thematic online architecture for the EU (2003-07)
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Project manager and architect of a successful pilot to reorganise EUROPA along thematic lines, so people could figure out What the EC did, Why and How, in areas of interest to them, without studying its labyrinthine internal structure.

Piloting a cross-silo, sharing-based Newsroom for the EC
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Part of the pilot Thematic Portal project I ran while at the EC’s DG INFSO, the Newsroom CMS was the first cross-EC CMS, and involved launching user ‘INFSO accounts’ before Google had 'Google accounts’.

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