Rethinking industry events in the age of social distancing
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social distancing ... led us to reconsider how we reach our audiences at scale ... through events... already conducted more than 15 large-scale virtual events... partner summit for over 4,000 attendees ... employee town hall with our CEO... Here’s what I’ve learned ...people show up to events to learn, network, and discover... to enable ... on a d…

The End of the Beginning of Digital Service Units – digital HKS – Medium
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novelty and newness of these teams has worn off... growing acceptance ... that these teams are useful tool in driving new practices ... Less clear... is whether these units can enable the deeper digital transformation... ~ two key pieces of the puzzle: ... creating common platforms to power governments services is key to digital transformation o…

Hiring a Management Consultancy for Digital Is a Mistake
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Whether it is redesigning a website or helping an organisation undertake digital transformation, a management consultancy firm is rarely the right choice... products of the pre-digital era and as much in need of digital transformation as their clients...The legacy culture ... stifles new and leaner working practices... built on delivering large, w…

Change Management: The Key to Successful Digital Transformations
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Any digital transformation includes the following core ingredients:Strategy — aligning vision, customer experience, processes and technology.User-Centered Design — mobile first and personalized.Agility in Delivery — iterative and adaptable.Integration of Software, Platforms and Technology — choosing environments and products that harmonize.Data, A…

The State of Digital Transformation 2018–2019 | Altimeter, a Prophet Company
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research aims to capture the shifts and trends that are shaping modern digital transformation.... 5 Key Takeaways: - A successful digital transformation is an enterprise-wide effort that is best served by a leader with broad organizational purview... - Market pressures are the leading drivers ... - growing acknowledgment of the importance of …

Auditor says GDS needs to redefine its role
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GDS does have a clear function and is learning from its experiences ... struggled to demonstrate the value of flagship initiatives... or to set out key priorities.... Another criticism ... not sustained its framework of standards and guidance, with some being removed and web links broken... leave scope for interpretation and disagreement... somet…

Government digital effort lacks ministerial weight
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Progress has been sporadic, but... plenty of observers wouldn’t have expected this much of GDS when it was set up in 2011... It made its mark largely because it had Maude, the senior minister in the Cabinet Office and a heavyweight in the Conservative Party, fully engaged and ready to back GDS chief Mike Bracken in inter-departmental tussles... i…

The Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto | HuffPost
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it is important for change agents to identify and solve real problems by developing the important skills for collaboration, storytelling and influence... Although digital transformation is one of the biggest trends in business today ... many still do so as a grassroots effort driven by resourceful individuals — digital change agents ... Digital c…

Cloud Is Not a Digital Transformation Strategy (Unless You Are Amazon)
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internal mandate demanding that Amazon teams communicate with each other by exposing “their data and functionality through services interfaces.” ... Bezos had quietly refactored Amazon into a platform company.... information technology can’t be compared to the transition from steam engines to railroads or from telegraphs to telephones — technolog…

Storylining: the best-kept secret of successful strategic communication
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Welcome to GAME — a four step process to improve the quality of your communications — and storylining, the step that comes before storytelling... moving straight to storytelling without first crafting strong, logical, persuasive key messages ... results in a ‘failure to communicate’ … when we don’t take the time to think from our audiences’ perspe…

Data explorer - European Commission
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The data explorer provides an overview of the current state of play of European businesses as regards digital transformation.

Digital Transformation & the public sector (Top3ics, April 2017)
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There’s no shortage of resources about Digital Transformation on my Hub, but ... I’m not sure I recommend all of them. This edition includes three I do

An effective communications strategy must be connected to other strategies
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An effective communications strategy must be connected to other strategies, usually managed by different departments. Reframing it as central to your organisation’s innovation strategy helps sidestep turf wars. 

With the 2020 report, The New York Times charts a course for its future – Poynter
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still ... publishing "dutiful, incremental pieces," ... designed to fill a daily print edition... dominated by long strings of text... a series of goals for areas including visual journalism, reader engagement, newsroom training and diversity... new content management system... build stories with visual elements and examine what the final produ…

Digital Transformation, European Training Foundation

The European Training Foundation asked a partner and I to help them map out a digital transformation strategy. Through running workshops and interviewing staff in a highly structured process, we are currently developing actionable change management recommendations to steer them towards a more efficient and innovative use of digital tools. The proj…

Digital transformation starts from within
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a new contract where the focus of consulting support doesn’t fall so much on prompt responses (“I have the answers and come to tell you what to do”) as on the facilitated co-creation and dissemination of new operational models (“I’ll use my experience to accelerate your ability to learn and change) ... Only under this condition digital transformat…

What if we walked the walk of Digital Transformation? | Nicolas Bordas | Pulse | LinkedIn

founders of the Hub Institute in Paris, have just released a manual (in French) The guide to Digital Transformation... a useful and simple way for every company to measure its progression, with prioritized steps to follow in order of degree of maturity, as well as defining the next stages to undertake.

The role of the Quantified Organisation in Digital Transformation
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most deployments fall into the ‘deploy and pray’ category, a minority address known pain points and use cases, whilst only about 20% of projects involve a concerted organisation-wide roll-out aimed at creating a connected company. He argued that some kind of paradigm shift is needed to go beyond just adopting social technologies towards creating a…

I Answer Your Questions About the State of Digital Transformation - Brian Solis
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Where are companies at in their digital transformation efforts?... I define iteration as doing the same things better. Innovation is doing new things that unlocks new value for your customers. Only one of those can lead to disruption, which is doing new things over time that make the old things obsolete.

I’m having a ‘Digital Transformation’ right now
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it is very clear that ‘Digital Transformation’ is a difficult, ambiguous, misleading and even potentially dangerous term and we have to get better at explaining it... It’s not about digital or technology ... it does have everything to do with business models, people, culture, leadership and change... We should be aiming for nothing less than Hum…

Our industry seems as prone to fashion as any other

In response to "The Tyranny of Agile"... Don’t get me wrong — in theory it sounds great to release half-checked, bug-ridden websites for your users to check in the name of agile... But websites delivering actual governmental services really badly IRL can ruin people’s lives...

Culture is Either the the Roadblock or Gateway to Digital Transformation - Brian Solis
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We asked  respondents to share the different types of challenges they face... changing company culture lead with 63% of respondents stating that it is an extremely significant to successfully lead digital transformation efforts toward fruition... executive support is key to sanctioning change and investing in it

To Go Digital, Leaders Have to Change Some Core Beliefs
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minor changes at the surface level do nothing to affect the fundamental operations of a company. Appointing a Chief Digital Officer, with no budget and no clear mandate, is not digital transformation. Increasing the social media marketing budget is not digital transformation... have a different approach to everything. Real digital transformation …

Digital Darwinism Has Created Digital Narcissists
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your market of digital narcissists is only going to become more elusive... Micro-moments happen when a customer demonstrates intent by reaching for his or her phone to act on a need in real time. They unfold through a variety of common "I want" scenarios that help people take steps or make decisions as to what to buy, do, know, etc... The third w…

The Org Chart Is Dead
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the future of work will rely on self-organization, enabled by collaborative software like Slack and Ethereum... Even in a self-organized, decentralized, collaborative, and high-trust future ... people will need to navigate their organization... Roles and projects will need to be created, filled, and disbanded with increasing frequency... we need …

Assessing the UK’s Government Digital Service • The Register
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the collapse of the digital interface of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) IT system... supposed to be one of its key exemplars for GDS in showcasing its "agile" approach to delivering digital technology... the system will be 40 per cent over budget at £215m and has led to disallowance penalties to the EU of up to £180m per year due to mis-paym…

‘Transformer in chief’: The new chief digital officer

The CDO is now a “transformer in chief,” charged with coordinating and managing comprehensive changes that address everything from updating how a company works to building out entirely new businesses.

Six building blocks for creating a high-performing digital enterprise | McKinsey & Company

companies that have successfully transitioned to become high-performing digital enterprises are able to orchestrate six building blocks: strategy and innovation, the customer decision journey, process automation, organization, technology, and data and analytics

Why are senior staff fleeing the Government Digital Service?
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The GDS was set up to improve online public services but disagreements with the top brass over its ambitions have seen four leaders abruptly resign - Why are senior staff fleeing the Government Digital Service? | Public Leaders Network | The Guardian

Social Media, Digital Transformation & EuroPCom2015 WrapUp (Top3ics, 9 Nov 9)

In this week’s edition, a months’ reading - some 30 posts - on social media, digital transformation, content/system design and EuroPCom2015. But first some news from me

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