The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral | Hapgood

I suspect this will be a canonical text for me moving forward with Caulfield in 2015, when my first hub was only about 2 years old, had also "been experimenting with another form of social media called federated wiki... instead of blogging and tweeting your experience you wiki’d it. And over time the wiki became a representation…

The most important technology critic in the world was tired of knowledge based on clicks. So he built an antidote - The Correspondent
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The Syllabus collects the best articles, podcasts and videos about the political, economic and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on a daily’s foremost technology critic... scans 100 pages per minute, 12 books in an hour, 100 in one day... can determine the relevance of every book in the world... all information and know…

Move Over Influencers, Here Come Curators - Ana Andjelic - Medium
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indie bookstores are thriving. The keyword is curation: by default... local and community-oriented... know the taste ... mood of the neighborhood... a good model for the modern aspiration economy...having taste to know what to buy... human curation... differentiator in fashion, food, travel, wellness, design, and an important value-add for tech pl…

Why publishers should consider the “Smart Curation” market
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One of the applications of The News Quality Scoring platform I’m currently working at the John S. Knight Fellowship at Stanford is to foster curation processes, using a feature I call “Smart Curation.”... relies on current machine learning techniques... like Word2vec or, GloVe ... used in the development of the News Quality Scoring Project

Defining Aggregators
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Aggregation Theory describes how platforms (i.e. aggregators) come to dominate the industries in which they compete in a systematic and predictable way.... how value has shifted away from companies that control the distribution of scarce resources to those that control demand for abundant ones; the purpose of this article is to catalog exactly wha…

The Key Benefits of Content Curation
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Although curation can save very significant time to those who benefit from it, it positively does not save any time at all to the curators who exercise it. It does to those who benefit from it... it requires the author to find, vet/verify, organize high quality information from multiple sources, and to add value and perspective ... What follows is…

Where is the Web Going?

The next stage of the web is the Curated Web... create massive opportunities for entrepreneurs who see the trend... characterized by a fundamentally different value to users than the social web... Web 1.0 was characterized by content published from one-to-many and social media was about easily creating and sharing content, from many-to-many, the c…

In the age of the algorithm, the human gatekeeper is back
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Far from disappearing, human curation and sensibilities have a new value in the age of algorithms... Facebook is mired in a series of controversies about the curation of its news feed... recently tried to smooth the process out by firing its human editors … only to find the news feed degenerated into a mass of fake and controversial news stories.…

How social media curation can help improve audience engagement
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by using social media curation, news organisations can remove the need for readers to look elsewhere, by automatically pulling in relevant social content from around the internet onto their websites... produce a quick breaking-news social stream related to a subject, or social content specifically focused to highlight the ideas and arguments withi…

'Three sides to every story': Behind Trinity Mirror's news-aggregation app
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... manually curate 10 stories from other publishers, which will run as a daily edition. Three different articles, often with opposing viewpoints, will run on each story, representing the left, neutral and right-wing political perspectives on the same story... For example, in Wednesday’s edition, it ran a Guardian story entitled “Terrorism publ…

Engagement is Relational, not Transactional
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focusing less on how audiences interact with content on the screen but more about how, because of stories, we engage with each other as a community. Less transaction, more relation; less on audience, more on community... in 2003 I launched the initial version of Interactive Narratives ... Finding inspiring multimedia work was one benefit. But f…

The Social Network is Yesterday, The Interest Feed is Tomorrow
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the value of curation combined with a second, algorithmic step: personalization. Fill a barrel with the best of the best. Now when I walk in, based on insights about my taste and what I’ve selected in the past, choose *for me* from the barrel. Wow! Thanks! - Why I Unfollowed You on Instagram — Medium

Slaves Of The Feed
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There is no shortage of content aggregators and aggregators of aggregators... give us a better overview of all the sources of information we have subscribed to and found ourselves now depending on... Constantly checking our feeds for new information, we seem to be hoping to discover something of interest, something that we can share with our ne…

Twitter Moments: Content Guidelines
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Moments surface the best of what’s happening on Twitter... What you see on Twitter is what’s happening in the world. What follows are the standards and guidelines for creating Moments that we as a Twitter curation team follow. - Twitter Moments: Content Guidelines | About

The Web We Have to Save
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The rich, diverse, free web that I loved - and spent years in an Iranian jail for - is dying.Why is nobody stopping it?... The hyperlink was my currency six years ago... represented the open, interconnected spirit of the world wide web ... a way to abandon centralization ... and replace them with something more distributed, a system of nodes an…

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