Building context into a story: WaPo's experimental “Knowledge Map”
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"How the Islamic State is leaving tech companies torn between free speech and security is a labyrinthine topic... Today’s 8,000-word-plus story on the subject, part of The Washington Post’s “Confronting the Caliphate” series, comes with the background knowledge and context right in the story itself... Knowledge Map, appears as highlighted links…

FT pushing workflows to digital

"it appears that the FT is adopting a model similar to that of a wire service in its mobile approach, with mobile news being complemented by context, comment, and analysis in the print product, as well as to a certain degree on the web." - “From a news business to a networked business”: The FT pushes its workflows to digital » Nieman Journalism L…

Adding contextual power to search
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Start preparing your content now... "Context-aware software for smartphones is all the rage ... Twitter bought Android home screen startup Cover, Apple bought smart assistant Cue, Yahoo bought Cover competitor Aviate, and of course Google pioneered the field ... with its Google Now service." - This is what comes after search – Quartz Combined w…

our end goal isn’t telling you what just happened … it’s making sure you understand what just happened

Surprised that after a week this only has about 500 views. should be one of the top tech-first news innovators to watch this year

Moving responsive design beyond screen size

#Context emerging as 2014 theme: "...newsrooms are going to reframe our understanding of “responsive design.” We’re going to see content move beyond simply responding to screen size and instead respond to reader context, adapting to behavior." - Nieman Journalism Lab

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