The hipster effect: Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same - MIT Technology Review
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Complexity science explains why efforts to reject the mainstream merely result in a new conformity.... mathematician who studies the way the transmission of information through society influences the behavior of people ... in a vast range of scenarios, the hipster population always undergoes a kind of phase transition in which members become sync…

Feynman Machine: a New Approach for Cortical and Machine Intelligence
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The Feynman Machine is both an accurate description of how the brain really works, and a blueprint for Machine Intelligence... I won’t dwell too much on why I believe the Deep Learning boom of today is not the panacea it has been hyped up to appear... The central idea of the Feynman Machine is that regions of the brain form a network of NDSs whic…

Great HTML5 walkthrough of a complex issue

This article showing how ranked-choice voting works is a great example of using html5 to explain a complex system.

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