The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment
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The fundamentals are broken ... It has failed because the community has failed... What was meant to be a new, decentralised form of money ... has become ,,, a system completely controlled by just a handful of people.

Could driverless cars own themselves?
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"in a world dominated by self-steering taxis, each ride becomes cheaper if the vehicles are autonomous rather than owned and run by major corporations... We can program it to ... make it the most moral, socially minded capitalist would not be self-aware... But they would be programmed to seek self-improvement in order to avoid bec…

Why bitcoin should replace the like button — Medium
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If the market can express more directly which content is in high demand, more of that content will be created. But there is missing a simple and convenient way for the consumer to value the everyday content they consume

Interest in Bitcoin Grows on Wall Street
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“Bitcoin offers the prospect of necessary and important disruption in finance for the benefit of buyers and sellers rather than financiers and middlemen.” - U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers "... bitcoin’s potential lies more as a low-profile, back-office phenomenon than as mainstream medium of exchange" - Interest in Bitcoin Grows on …

Mastering Bitcoin
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"If you're interested in learning more about the technical operation of bitcoin, or if you're building the next great bitcoin killer­app or business, you will find this book essential reading." Based on the ToC, covers blockchains and the rest. Readable online for free.

How to explain Bitcoin to your grandmother

Does what it says on the box.

2014 is going to go down as Bitcoin’s most important year
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"We made the transition from dark web to daylight, venture capitalists started their stampede into digital currency businesses, governments worldwide gave the industry’s start-ups tacit approval, A+ executives joined the fray to build more of Bitcoin’s core infrastructure, we collectively answered some of the critics’ most pressing questions ... a…

A bold guess
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"The diagram below is an early concept illustration of the Independent Digital Music Market which now forms the basis of the Bittunes platform & Android application currently in Open Beta in the Bittunes Google+ community. This project, which had been put on ice in late 2006, was restarted in April 2013 when Bitcoin began to ‘cross the chasm’,"

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