UX research fuels your design process
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This article is not a UX Research manual, it ... provides a general idea of how and when UX Research is conducted ... why designers should care about it...~ Understanding brings us closer to what we are already so familiar with. And that is the inception of UX Research... user research tackles the demographical data about a product’s existing and…

How we used gamification to conduct audience research.
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How do we convert users playing the game into users who would complete the survey?... take our readers on a visual journey around the world so they could explore where a news story happened. As a payoff, for every correct answer, the user would collect a stamp in their virtual passport... opted to follow an interesting take on the minimal viable p…

WTF is identity?
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Every day the web is becoming more personal... ... brands ... need to understand more than theoretical profiles or carefully honed audience segments.... master the fundamentals of identity...  In this report you’ll learn:  - What it takes to create a persistent individualized identity that crosses platforms and screens  - How brands and agencie…

10 findings from psychology that every user researcher should know
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Be wary of using expert judgement as your only source of data... by all means apply your expertise to make judgments about a design, but be sure to validate these judgements with data... Hick’s Law ... states that the time taken to make a decision increases as the number of choices is expanded... Fitts’ law... the time required to rapidly move to…

Scientists Need to Stop “Othering” the General Public
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Scientists often speak of the “general public” as a group that is far removed from the academic circles that they belong to.... Scientists have “othered” the general public... there is no such thing ... except for in very specific contexts (i.e. vaccine developers are not the general public vs those who do not develop vaccines when one is speaking…

EPALE online community of practice
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I won the epale online community of practice project and steered its inception phase. Years later, it is still one of the EC's most successful online communities, notably by its ambitious multilingualism strategy and high userbase, despite lacking any financial rewards for participation.

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