Cranky Uncle smartphone game – Cranky Uncle
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The Cranky Uncle smartphone game is currently being developed... teach you to throw the arguments of even your crankiest climate-misinformed uncle back at him... let’s learn the arguments of denial to defeat them...cartoons and gameplay to interactively explain the denial techniques used to cast doubt on climate science... ‘active inoculation’ — l…

WTF are Progressive Web Apps?
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Publishers can get all the benefits of the mobile web with all the functionality of mobile apps thanks to Progressive Web Apps... Here’s a primer: - build a mobile website that can perform super-fast and behave just like an app... lets people interact with it like an app without the hassle of downloading it. - can load on a number of browsers an…

Inside Axel Springer’s answer to Facebook's Instant Articles
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Axel Springer, wary of being overly dependent on third-party platforms for traffic... fighting back by launching its own news aggregator platform... now has around 1,200 publishers on board ... Digiday spoke with Würtenberger, CEO of Upday, about using humans and algorithms for news sourcing, creating a platform for publishers and banning ad block…

What the detractors of Quartz's news app have missed

"We put aside existing notions about news apps and imagined what our journalism would be if it lived natively on your iPhone. It wouldn’t be a facsimile of our website. It would be something entirely different, with original writing, new features, and a fresh interface."... The Quartz news app isn't for everybody ... the app is by design unlikely…

'Three sides to every story': Behind Trinity Mirror's news-aggregation app
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... manually curate 10 stories from other publishers, which will run as a daily edition. Three different articles, often with opposing viewpoints, will run on each story, representing the left, neutral and right-wing political perspectives on the same story... For example, in Wednesday’s edition, it ran a Guardian story entitled “Terrorism publ…

Apps versus the web

for an actual brand, developer or publisher wondering if they should do an app or a website, I generally answer that the calculation is much simpler and less technical: Do people want to put your icon on their home screen? ... If you don't have that relationship, then all the clever things ... are irrelevant and your strategy should focus on the w…

How six publishers digest the news for readers

Here’s how BuzzFeed, The Economist, The New York Times, Quartz, Vox, and Yahoo News slim down a day’s worth of news into manageable forms. Every day, readers are faced with a firehose of news online. News organizations realize this, and they’re trying a bunch of different ways to make the news more manageable — creating chatty summaries of thei…

Apple TV potentially big for news outlets investing in video

An open app platform will let digital news publishers play with the big guys... Siri was also shown answering basic news and information questions while you watch... imagine uses for breaking news and other journalistic purposes. - Apple announces an app platform for Apple TV, potentially big for news outlets investing in video » Nieman Jour…

The new Apple TV is no TV-killer
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Apple TV isn’t the TV-killer ... but it does create a significant opportunity for digital publishers and video companies... a built-in App Store, which for the first time will enable third-party developers to build apps for the platform — an important milestone for Apple and potentially the future of video. - The new Apple TV is great for We…

Mobile First: A Future-Friendly Approach to UX Design
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"Innovation is exploding in every direction. With all of these “smart” things — smart cars, smart phones, smart watches, smart glasses — it’s a designer’s job to figure out the best way to deliver content in such a vastly connected world. The projects you’re working on at this very moment will be interacted with on devices that didn’t exist wh…

May I Have Your Attention, Please?
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Social and mobile have fundamentally altered attention. Platforms for self-expression and communication are the largest and most important media companies of the millennial age, dominating share of attention and engagement for young people. And the behavior of the young is predictive of the future. - May I Have Your Attention, Please? — Medium

What Testing Via Email Taught Us About News Apps
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Clever. To build an app, Buzzfeed first built an enewsletter and tested that: "Designing and building an email newsletter takes a lot of work. But compared with launching a native app, a newsletter requires a much smaller investment of time and technology. As a lower-stakes product, we could launch it much more quickly than we could an app and …

Mobile apps v. Responsive sites
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"“People who download our app visit much more frequently and consume 10 times more articles than people coming from the mobile Web.... [BUT] Here are the common mistakes publishers with apps make — and, in some cases, how they’ve been addressed." A must-read next time someone asks fir a mobile app and/or a responsive site. Which is best? When i…

Dim Future for Mobile Apps
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Nothing here about geolocation, augmented reality ... but good points anyway. Via @nosemonkey ""In a world where notifications are full experiences in and of themselves, the screen of app icons makes less and less sense... Why open the Facebook app when you can get the content as a notification and take action... right there at the notification o…

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